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Office furniture market in China
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Office furniture market in China

Office furniture, including tables and chairs are used for working Since China access to the WTO, the rapid development of Chinese furniture industry. The product can meet the Chinese needs and the needs of the international market. In the next 5 to 10 years, Chinese furniture industry's goal is to improve the level of quality. In 1980s, the foreign office furniture brand enters Chinese market.

Ten biggest brands of office furniture in China: AURORA(震旦), UB(优比), Lizhiyanghang(励致洋行), GREEN LINK(国林), HNI-Lmex(美时), Mingli(铭立), Jinwei(健威), Shengao(圣奥), Xinnuo(鑫诺), Diou(迪欧)

In 1965, AURORA(震旦)was established in Taiwan. Aurora office furniture has become China market the first brand.UB is a famous brand in China, and its factories are in Suzhou now. In 1987,Lizhiyanghang(励致洋行) was found in Hongkong. 1993 have been set up production bases in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, becoming the one of the largest office furniture manufacturer. In 1994,GREEN LINK(国林) was established in Beijing.HNI-Lmex is came from America, it's the group's brand of HNI.DIOU is DIOU group's Subsidiary, it's monopoly of high level furniture.

International brand furniture has been the high level in the industry. Foreign brands in the furniture industry to pay more attention to the integration of office environment. Freedom, privacy, functions simple, always is the international office environment in pursuit of Philosophy

Office furniture consumption mainly in four categories of people: one is the enterprise purchase; two is the government procurement; three is the school purchase; four is the hotel purchase. But the present government procurement accounts for the proportion is not large, in some areas still not standardized.

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