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Global Office Furniture Market
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Global Office Furniture Market

The global market for office furniture is an important segment of the furniture industry, with a worldwide apparent consumption on the order of $50 billion, and a per capita apparent consumption above $30 per year in some European countries, in Japan and in the US. It is a mature segment which has demonstrated slow but steady growth except during the worst parts of the recession. The aggregate value of world exports is about $9 billion: the largest exporter is China followed by Germany, while the main importing country is the US. The sector was very hardly hit by the world recession, with international office furniture trade dropping by almost 30% in 2009. Growth has resumed in the last three years and is expected to continue in 2013. The report contains a forecast of demand in 54 countries. Demand will decrease in Western Europe and will grow - at different rates - in all the rest of the world. The highest growth rates will be in Asia and in South America.


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