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The office furniture market in India
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The office furniture market in India

The furniture industry in India is highly fragmented: the 85% of the national furniture production comes from small size firms. On the contrary, the office furniture segment displays a higher degree of industrial concentration, concerning particularly the segments of metal and plastic furniture. Wooden furniture is concentrated in States where forests are more readily attainable. But India, due to the shortage of timber resources, is often forced to import them from the neighbouring countries. The Indian office furniture production is estimated to amount to around US$ 1.6 billion, 40% is operative desking. The research The office furniture market in India is based on field studies involving direct interviews with roughly 100 sector firms and distributors. In addition to the data collected through direct surveys, we have also used and uniformly processed data from the balance sheets of some firms and from their annual reports or from articles in the specialist press. The report provides trends in office furniture production and consumption, office furniture imports and exports. Trade data are analyzed by country and by geographical area as well as by product type (office furniture including/excluding seating). Prices and factors determining the demand for furniture are examined, as well as furniture supply structure. Short profiles and figures about sales of the main Indian office manufacturers and of foreign office furniture manufacturers operating in India are also provided. The analysis of office furniture distribution channels covers: direct sales and contract, independent dealers, mail orders and e-commerce. Products considered: seating, operative desking, executive furniture, others (cabinets and office storage, filing systems, wall-to-wall units, furniture for communication areas). Appendices of Indian manufacturers, Indian importers, dealers and contractors, foreign manufacturers with contact details, activity and products offered. Additional information is included when available (size, traded brands, distribution channels).

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